Bloody McFluffin's Arctic Appetite



What is "Bloody McFluffin's Arctic Appetite"?

A video game that aims to be in the ultimate category: simple in concept, but darn tough to beat. All you have to do is drag ice and tap on water. But to stay ahead of the curve, and achieve real greatness, you'll have to act fast, sometimes plan in advance, discover and share tactics.

Who is who?

The fish crowd. Anonymous, mindless, they seem only to exist for the purpose of feeding those up the food chain. There's always more where they came from and it's ok to kill them.

Our hero, Bloody McFluffin, is an emperor penguin who wandered too far from his colony. Might *never* get enough of eating. Because fish are abundant, we find this cute.

The antihero, Diego, is a simple minded seal who's usually happy just sitting on a steady block of ice. Like any seal he's not that evil, when at peace he looks quite likable actually. However when you hear him picking up the smell of a frisky piece of penguin marching by... you'll start to absolutely hate him.

Lurking in the back, everyone's final doom: in a relentless display of girl power, a squad of female great white sharks have the playground encircled, effectively emptying the ocean along a path.

A few seconds into the game... aaaand it's gone. Every Single Time!

Sometimes Diego is already right on your tail at the beginning. Such is life :(

Sometimes a few seconds is actually a lot of time. Think fast. Clear a path. Block another.

Any quick tips or tricks?

As for tactics? Nope! As for controlling the game, sure:

Problem: I can't see (all) my Facebook friends, or I'm missing from my friend's high score table.

Only friends who have logged into the game once are shown.

If you're still missing people, ask if they have provided the Facebook permissions. If your friend list is empty, it might be YOU! Check if you are missing from their highscore table.

Want to fix your permissions? First, log out of the game. Then go to Facebook and then to settings (top right menu). Go to Apps and remove Bloody McFluffin. Finally, log in and this time with permissions. If you're concerned about privacy, don't worry, Bloody is too.

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